If you are generating power as well as consuming power, our Omnimeters can be used as "Net" meters.

All of our Omnimeters models return these values via RS-485: Total kWh ( this is forward kWh + reverse kWh) and Reverse kWh (this is the amount of energy that has gone back to the grid in the case of solar or wind generation).  Both of these values are also available in 4 Time Of Use (TOU) periods.

Total kWh is the total that has passed in both directions, so Net kWh = Total kWh - 2x(Reverse kWh)

If you want to determine Forward kWh, you would subtract the reverse kWH from the Total kWh register. 

If you are reading your Omnimeter with the EKM Push3 system, Net kWh and Forward kWh is calculated for you. This is outlined in our Open API documentation.

Additionally, our v.4 Omnimeter and Omnimeter HV v.5 provide real-time direction of current. The EKM Push system turns this data into Net Watts. This allows you to see, in real time, if you are consuming or generating more power, in a net metering situation.

The links below provide a couple of examples of Net Watts and Net kWh displayed on the EKM Widget.

Net Watts:


Net kWh: