This article is for our basic Pass Through meters, the EKM 15IDS and EKM 25IDS.

Wires pass through 3/8+" diameter tubes in the meter body, so the meter will accept some #2AWG insulated wire (but not all, so please measure the wire diameter with a caliper if you are at all close, it is a common mistake to order a pass through meter for wire that is too physically large). 12 gauge wire is the minimum diameter wire that you should use with Pass Through Meters. It is important to use stranded wire as well for these smaller sizes - too small of a solid wire will either roll over and not have good contact or could break. Even if you have to splice in stranded wire instead of solid this is preferable for such small size wires.

Please Note: It is always best to physically measure your wire diameter with a caliper before ordering pass through meters or CTs.  Ordering a meter that is will not fit on the wires, or a CT that will not fit on the wires because it is too small is one of the most common ordering mistakes.