Our electric meters are calibrated at our ISO class certified factory and, by design, do not need to be recalibrated after their initial calibration.  They are in accordance with IEC and bear the CE mark. We offer digital (solid state) meters, which do not have any moving dials that can wear over time. This means that accuracy is maintained over the entire lifespan of the meter.

We have certified that our EKM Omnimeters are accurate with the California Department of Weights and Measures. If you have any doubt about your meter's accuracy, you can always take the device to your local department of weights and measures, our an equivalent agency, and have it certified to your local standards.  CA Type Approval Certificate

We also offer UL and cUL Listed meters, and our Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4 has also been tested to ANSI C12.1 and C12.20 standards.