The EKM OmniMeter Pulse UL v.4 is our most advanced universal smart meter to date, with the ability to count pulses from up to 3 pulse-output devices, and control 2 external relays. Title 24 Compliant for California.

This is truly a worldwide universal kWh meter and can be used to meter any electrical system that is commonly in use in the world (as well as collect pulse data from water and gas meters). It meters electrical systems from 120V, single-phase, 2-wire, to 480V, 3-phase, 4-wire, both 60Hz and 50Hz. It is UL Listed and CUL Listed up to 240V, however it has Type Approval for Revenue Grade Metering up to 480V. There is not an electrical system in common use that this meter will not support, other than 3 phase 3 wire (no neutral) over 415 volts specifically. Accurate to 0.5% (Class 0.5).

Here it is on our website: Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4

Here is the spec sheet for this meter: Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4 Spec Sheet

The Omnimeters are powered by the system they are metering.  kWh data will be retained in the meter, even if it loses power for up to 10 years.

This meter uses external CTs(Current Transformers) and will not function properly without them. The CTs measure the electrical current in the wires being measured. Which CTs are right for your will be determined by your type of electrical system, the maximum Amperage of your system, and the diameter of the wires being read.  Solid-core CTs are less expensive but are a bit more difficult to install, they require that you disconnect or cut the wires being read and slip the CT over the wire. Split-Core CTs are more expensive but they simply clamp around the wires being read, making them much easier to install.

  • Use 1 CT for single phase 2-wire systems (one hot and one neutral, with or without ground).  
  • Use 2 CTs for a 120/240V three-wire system (two hots and a neutral, with or without ground).
  • Use 2 CTs for 3-phase 3-wire systems (no neutral).  (UL Listed up to 240V, up to 415V is possible)
  • Use 3 CTs for 3-phase 4-wire systems. (UL Listed up to 240V, up to 480V is possible)

We have CTs that can meter up to 5000 amps in stock. The CT ratio is selectable inside the meter. Here is our selection of CTs: Current Transformers

These meters come with the option to remote read them and control the relays with a computer.

You can read the EKM OmniMeter Pulse v.4 on the face, or set it up to be read with your computer.  The remote read is a simple RS-485, 2 wire system which allows the meter string to be read from up to 4000 feet away.  This string of meters can then be connected to one of our communication devices. If you need to go short range wireless, you can wirelessly bridge the hardwired RS-485 network at any point using our 485Bee wireless mesh.

We highly recommend our cloud-based meter communication system, the EKM Push3 — if you have internet access. The EKM Push works in conjunction with our Omnimeters by handling all of the meter communication, parsing the meter data, and inserting the reads into our cloud database. This completely eliminates all of the configuration issues of firewalls, dynamic IP, and having a computer running all the time to make the communications happen. Data is available seamlessly and immediately from your EKM Push account.  The entire system has been designed to be a robust, scalable, metering system, with an easy plug-and-play installation with FREE access to your meter data.

Here is our Widget displaying live EKM Push Data:

The Widget is quick and easy but our main software product for EKM Push users is

You can also just wire the meter directly to your computer on site using our USB Converter.

We also have our free EKM Dash software (PC, Mac, Linux) available to download from our website.  Our Dash software will let you log the meter use.  This software does not have any monthly fees and can be used on an unlimited number of meters.  You can set it up to make a monthly report on any day of the month.  The software can automatically generate a report and email it to you, or your tenant/user.  You can also set it up custom triggers, so that the Dash will monitor your water use and send you an email if the usage is too high for example.

We have also assembled a number of customizable Metering Packages to help our customers determine which combination of products are right for their needs. Check out our all of our Packages here: Metering Packages

How to install a v.4 Omnimeter: