Every situation is different so which/if Accessories are needed varies. Here are some of the accessories you may or may not need: 

  • Enclosures/mounting DIN Rail brackets for the electric meters. Our enclosure come with DIN rail but if you decide not to get an enclosure from us we recommend that you get DIN rail because this is what our meters are designed to mount on: Enclosures & DIN Rail
  • In-line fuse for tap wires - 1Amp.  We recommend these for extra protection on the hot lines going into the Omnimeter: Fuses
  • Sticker Label Sheet for labeling the various wires and components of your system.  We recommend you use these so that you can keep the wires straight, limit mistakes, helps us when you send photos to EKM, and help the next person that encounters your installation: Sticker Labels
  • Insulation Piercing Connectors for tap wires.  These can make it easier to tap of of the hot legs of your electrical system and run the voltage reference wires to you Omnimeter.  Only needed if you do not have good access to a place to tap in (at a lug or breaker): Insulation Piercing Connectors
  • Shielded Twisted Pair Wire for RS-485 and/or pulse communicationsCAT5 Wire
  • 485Bee wireless connections (you will need at least two of these if you choose to use these).  These wirelessly bridge the RS485 communication between Omnimeter(s) and a communication device485Bee
  • Ethernet cable to connect the EKM Push to your internet router : 3' Ethernet Cable