Our communication products are available here: https://www.ekmmetering.com/collections/meter-reading-solutions

Cloud data option:
The EKM Push sends data to a cloud-based system instead of direct to your computer.  This needs to be connected to internet to function.  You could then use the Dash software, the EKM Widget, or various other methods to securely access your meter data.

You can wirelessly connect the EKM Push to your wifi router using a wifi bridge, which are available from 3rd party retailers.

Direct wired connection option:
The USB Converter plugs directly into your computer and connects via twisted pair wire (like inside a CAT5 cable) to the meter.

Local network option:
The iSerial converter (discontinued) is connected to your router via an ethernet cable and connected via twisted pair wire (like inside a CAT5 cable) to the meter.  This would make the data available over your Local Area Network.

You can wirelessly replace the twisted pair wire between the meter and the converter with 2 of our 485Bees, which take the place of the twisted pair wire.  Their range is up to 650 feet, though this can be reduced by physical obstructions.  Multiple 485Bee radios can be used to extend this distance, however.

To display data coming from any of the communication devices, run the EKM Dash software on your computer.  One-time $30 purchase gets you the software on as many computers as you like, with as many meters as you like.  No recurring fees.

The second page of this PDF compares each of our communication devices: https://documents.ekmmetering.com/Omnimeter-and-Communications-Comparison-Chart.pdf