We do not stock a meter model that "plugs in" to a receptacle/socket/outlet/plug, etc.

We have consciously designed our meters to be passive in that they use CTs (both external and internal) and do not directly carry the current being measured.  This is both a much safer (it is impossible to get UL certification for a round socket meter) method of measuring power and allows us to meter up to 5000 amps (not possible with a socket meter).  In most cases CT based meters are also easier and cheaper to install, as you do not have to first install a metering cabinet with metering socket.    If you are only familiar with round socket meters we invite you to take a look at the benefits of CT based metering.

We do have meters that should be able to very accurately read and measure your usage. We have had a few customers get a short extension cord and install the meter in the middle of it and then plug it inline between the power source and whatever device they wanted to meter…

Our meters need the individual hot wires, etc., to connect to the meter to work properly.