The quickest and easiest way to order/pay is in our online store. Orders typically ship within one business day and all items are in stock and ready to ship, unless they are marked out of stock in our store. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies.

If you would prefer to be invoiced that is also an option for ordering. We can accept the following payment options for invoiced orders:

  • Credit Card or PayPal (both options have a 3.5% fee attached to them for bulk orders)
  • Payment online direct from your USA based checking account via ACH payment (no added fees - May take an additional couple days for payment to process.) 
  • Check - (no added fees - This is the slowest method as deposits typically take 3–5 days to clear
  • Bank wire transfer (usually $40 flat fee for this - may take an additional couple days for payment to process.)

In order to put a quote or pro forma invoice together we will need some information from you first. Here is what we need:
  1. Company name if there is one:
  2. Your complete billing address:
  3. Your complete shipping address:
  4. Contact name:
  5. Contact email address:
  6. PO number if there is one:
  7. Total products and quantities:
  8. Shipping method (we ship “most economical” unless otherwise instructed. If you want expedited shipping please send us your UPS or Fedex account number and the billing zip code for the account):
  9. Your payment method (see the options above):

Please send this information to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.