The EKM-25IDS meter is a simple yet powerful unit, and will give you the total kWh readout on the LCD face of the meter.  It is designed to work on a single-phase, "120/240” system (2 Hots, with or without a Neutral or Ground).  The 2 hot wires must be less than 3/8" diameter and they pass through the body of the meter.  

This meter will handle up to 100 amps.  The advantage to our meter design is that you do not have to cut the wires being read, you simply pass the wires through the body of the meter and tighten the 2 tap screws.  Not having the incoming and outgoing lugs of traditional meters increases the safety and reliability of your installation. Here is the spec sheet for this meter: EKM-25IDS Spec Sheet

If you don't have very good access to your wires, you want to read on a computer, or your system is more than 100 amps, we recommend you take a look at our customizable "120/240" metering package on our website: Metering Package