Try a free 30-day trial. Download your copy of the EKM Dash meter reading software using the links below. EKM Dash Information Page

EKM Dash For Windows

EKM Dash For Mac

EKM Dash For Linux


EKM Metering Product Catalog PDF: Product Catalog

EKM Pricing Schedule (up to 100 units): Quantity Pricing Schedule. Contact us if you're interested in larger quantities.

EKM Metering Brochure: EKM Metering Brochure

Omnimeter, Communication Device, and Software Comparison Chart: Omnimeter, Communications, and Software Comparison Chart

Water Meter Comparison Chart: Water Meter Comparison Chart

Meter Values Displayed on LCD Screen: Here are the values that are displayed on the screen of the EKM Meters

Omnimeter California Type Approval: Document from the California Department of Weights and Measures certifying our entire line of EKM-Omnimeters for Revenue Grade Metering

3/4" And 1.0" Water Meter California Type Approval: Document from the California Department of Weights and Measures certifying 3/4" and 1.0" Water Meters for Revenue Grade Metering

UL Listing: Information about our Omnimeter II UL v.3 and Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4 on UL's website

Wire Size: EKM Wire Sizing Chart


EKM Push: More information about the new EKM Push system

EKM Dash Setup Instructions: Dash Setup

EKM Dash Information: EKM Dash User Manual

Communication Device Comparison Chart: Communication Device Comparison Chart

RS-485: Guidelines for the proper wiring of a RS-485 network

iSerial VCOM Help Sheet: Virtual COM Port Guide

iSerial VCOM Software: Download Virtual COM Port Software (Use this to discover iSerials on our network using a PC, not for reading meters)

EKM-iSerial: TCP/IP (Internet) to RS-485 Converter