Download your copy of the EKM Dash meter reading software here: EKM Dash Information Page


EKM Metering Product Catalog PDF: Product Catalog

EKM Pricing Schedule (up to 100 units): Quantity Pricing Schedule. Contact us if you're interested in larger quantities.

EKM Metering Brochure: EKM Metering Brochure

Omnimeter, Communication Device, and Software Comparison Chart: Omnimeter, Communications, and Software Comparison Chart

Water Meter Comparison Chart: Water Meter Comparison Chart

Meter Values Displayed on LCD Screen: Here are the values that are displayed on the screen of the EKM Meters

Omnimeter California Type Approval: Document from the California Department of Weights and Measures certifying our entire line of EKM-Omnimeters for Revenue Grade Metering

3/4" And 1.0" Water Meter California Type Approval: Document from the California Department of Weights and Measures certifying 3/4" and 1.0" Water Meters for Revenue Grade Metering

UL Listing: UL Certificate of Compliance for our Omnimeter II UL v.3 and Omnimeter Pulse UL v.4

Wire Size: EKM Wire Sizing Chart


EKM Push: More information about the new EKM Push system

EKM Dash Setup Instructions: Dash Setup

EKM Dash Information: EKM Dash User Manual

Communication Device Comparison Chart: Communication Device Comparison Chart

RS-485: Guidelines for the proper wiring of a RS-485 network

iSerial VCOM Help Sheet: Virtual COM Port Guide

iSerial VCOM Software: Download Virtual COM Port Software (Use this to discover iSerials on our network using a PC, not for reading meters)

EKM-iSerial: TCP/IP (Internet) to RS-485 Converter