We don't work closely with installers so we can't give you qualified recommendations of who should install our products. We're confident that any qualified electrician can install our electric meters without any prior experience, and any qualified plumber should easily be able to install our water and gas meters. 

Still, with the hope of easing the installation process for our customers, we have started an Installer Directory on our website, to connect our customers with potential installers in their area. These installers have signed up to be in the directory and most of them have prior experience with our products. 

The Installer Directory is open to anyone who wants to be listed as an installer of our products. To sign up to be listed in the directory, please fill out the Installer Sign-Up Form.

Please keep in mind, the directory in no way represents a commentary on the quality of the services that these installers provide. As we are not affiliated with any of them, we cannot take responsibility for the quality their work or their professionalism.

Here is a link to our Installer Directory:  https://www.ekmmetering.com/pages/store-locator

Here is a screenshot of the directory: