Encompass is our free web based application for EKM Push users. It is intended to be a dashboard display that you can log into to get a visual picture of your meter data, aggregate meter data, create reports, take notes, and much more. Encompass users now have the ability to display electricity, water, and gas meter data on their dashboards. Each dashboard is completely customizable so you can set it up do display exactly how you want it to. Encompass is now available as a beta build, so please feel free to try it out and let us know what you think, what you like or dislike, and what could be added or improved. Encompass is also free, with no recurring fees of any kind. Click the "Try It" button on the encompass homepage to log into a demo account and view live sample meters.

You can find tutorials that will help you get started with your Encompass account here: Encompass Tutorials

Please Note: This is very much a work in progress (beta), so some bugs should be expected.

If would like to contact us regarding Encompass, please direct your emails to info@encompass.io or support@ekmmetering.com.