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Omnimeter Installation:

Here are links to all of the videos individually:

  1. How to Install an Omnimeter Pulse v.4 Submeter on a Single Phase 120/240V 3-Wire System
  2. How to Set Up the EKM Widget v.3
  3. How to Register your EKM Dash Meter Reading Software
  4. How to Add Meters to EKM Dash That Use the EKM Push System
  5. How to Set Up Pulse Counting in EKM Dash
  6. v.3 Omnimeter - Single Phase 120/240V 3-Wire System
  7. v.3 Omnimeter - Single Phase 120V 2-Wire System
  8. v.3 Omnimeter - Three Phase 3-Wire System Up to 415 Volts
  9. v.3 Omnimeter - Three Phase 4-Wire System Up to 480 Volts
  10. v.3 Omnimeters Daisy Chained to an EKM Push Gateway

Pulse Counting with the EKM Push System: