To register for your own Encompass account:

  1. Open your internet browser. Chrome is preferred but Firefox or Safari should also work. The latest browser versions should be used for best results.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click the register link in the upper right hand corner of the Encompass homepage.
  4. Fill out the registration form, including your EKM Push User Key that was sent to you via email when you purchased your metering system. Also read the terms of service and check the box if you agree to the terms.

  5. When you are ready, click "Create My Account"

  6. At this point your account is not yet active. An email has been sent to the email address that you provided. You need to find that email in you inbox. If you don't receive it within a few minutes, check your spam folder to see if it has been routed there erroneously.

  7. Once you find the email, click the link in the body of the email.


  8. Once this has been done you are finished with the registration process and are ready to use the app.