Encompass allows you to share individual meters with other people, like tenants, if you are their landlord for example. Encompass does this by sending an invitation to the email address that you choose. That person is invited to create their own Encompass account. Once they do so they will have access to the meter as either a Viewer or an Admin. A Viewer can see the meter but cannot make changes to the meter's settings, whereas an Admin has the ability to make settings changes. Your Push key will not be shared with the invitee as part of this feature.

To share a meter with another person:

  1. Select the meter that you want to share.
  2. Click the "Share" button on the right side of the dashboard header.
  3. This bring us the Share Meter modal. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite to share the meter with. Please note that if the person you are inviting already has an Encompass account, then you will want to enter the email address associated with their account.

  4. Select if you want the other person to be a Viewer or an Admin from the drop down menu. A Viewer will not be able to generate reports or bills, or change the timezone settings for the shared meter. An Admin will be able to generate reports/bills and/or change their account timezone.

  5. Click the "+ Invite" button.

  6. The invitee will now be shown as a shared user.

  7. An email invitation has been sent to the person you invited. All they need to do is follow the instructions in the email to get started.


  8. You can always remove the person you shared with by clicking the green X by the users name or email address in the Share Meter modal. And you can change the person's Viewer or Admin status by clicking on their existing status and selecting their new status from the two options available.

  9. Click the "Close" button when you are finished.

If the person you're inviting already has an Encompass account, they can simply click the link in the invitation email to login to their account and see the meter that you've shared with them.