You can now view a more raw version of your meters' real time data. To do so:

  1. Click on a meter or group who's data you would like to view.
  2. Click the "Show Data" button, which is right "Share" and "..." buttons in the dashboard header.
  3. If you're viewing the data of a single meter you will now see the latest 10 reads.

  4. You can scroll right over the data to see all of the meter's data.
  5. Click "Hide Data" to go back to view widgets.
  6. If you're viewing the data for a group you will see the latest single read for each meter in the group.

  7. Again, you can scroll right over the data to see each meter's data for the latest read.

  8. Click "Hide Data" to view the dashboard information page, or click "Show Widgets" to view the dashboard's widgets.

If you would like access to your raw Push data outside of Encompass you can use our open Push APIs. We have documented our Real Time and Summary APIs in our Developer Portal, which is the best place to learn about what data is available. We also have our Real Time API Builder Tool, as well as our Summary API Builder Tool to help you get started with your own meter(s) and EKM Push key.