This tutorial will help you add EKM Omnimeters, Water meters, and Gas meters to your encompass account.

In order to add Omnimeters to your Encompass account you first need to make sure that the Omnimeters have been added to you EKM Push account. If this has not already been done, please contact EKM in order to do so. EKM Needs to know the meter number(s) and the MAC address of the EKM Push gateway that each meter is connected to (on the bottom label of each Push gateway).

The below steps will also work to add new pulse (water and/or gas) meters to your Encompass accounts. Please note that pulse meters won't show up in your Encompass account until after pulses have incremented in the Omnimeter data, which the water or gas meters are connected to.

Here are the steps to add any meter type to your Encompass account:

  1. Login to you Encompass account.
  2. Click your account user name in the top right of the Encompass header.
  3. Click "Account Settings" from the options in the dropdown list.
  4. Click the "Check for new meters" button in the bottom right corner of the window.
  5. Click "Save" when you are ready.

Encompass also automatically checks for new meters once/day. So if you've requested that EKM add meters to your Push account you should see them in your Encompass account with 24 hours. Pulse meters are also recognized once pulse increments begin on any of the three Omnimeter Pulse v.4 or Omnimeter HV v.5 inputs. They are recognized using the same steps above. You will now receive notification if meter are added or removed from your Push and Encompass accounts. You can see these notifications by clicking the bell icon in the Encompass header.