If you're having trouble seeing your data in Encompass, the Widget, or EKM Dash you will need to troubleshoot the reason why. 

Here are the most common reasons why Push data is not available:

  1. The Push has lost connectivity with the internet and the Push servers.
  2. The EKM Push is not properly connected via RS-485 to the meter(s).
  3. The Push is connected to the wrong meter.

How to diagnose what the problem is while in the field by looking at the LED lights on the EKM Push gateway:

EKM Push LED Lights (1, 2, 3 — from left to right on the EKM Push gateway).

After being plugged in the EKM Push gateway has a startup sequence that take about a minute. The LED lights will blink during startup but you can disregard them while this is happening. After about a minute the EKM Push will connect to the internet and begin to try to read your meter(s). The LED lights can tell you if this is happening successfully or not.

  • LED 1 (RS-485): Should be off and blinking orange during standby periods and then blink green once per minute (if your meter is set to be read once per minute). Green flashes indicate a meter request. Red flashes indicate a meter data received.  This will happen once/minute if one meter is connected to the Push gateway, twice/minute if two meters are connected, and so on.

  • LED 2 (ethernet/internet connection): Should be solid green. Red or blinking red indicates that there is no internet connection. Alternating green/orange can mean that there is no meter assigned to the EKM Push gateway.

  • LED 3 (power): Should be green or orange. Orange indicates that the Push gateway cannot connect to the server, or is having other issues and is reverting back to factory firmware). Regardless, you meter(s) can be read if this LED is green or orange.

When everything is setup properly the power light should be either orange or green, the internet light should be green or blinking green and the RS-485 light should be off and blinking orange, then flash green and flash red when a meter is read.

How to diagnose what the problem is by looking at your data:

Use the API link for your meter that was included in the Push email that was sent to you when you purchased the EKM Push gateway. Use it to try and look at your raw data. What you see will tell you how to proceed. Here is an example API call:


  1. This image shows the last 10 "reads" inserted in the Push database for this meter. If the top read's timestamp is not current, meaning more than five minutes old, then your EKM Push gateway is not connected to the internet and the Push servers. You will need to establish this internet connection before you will be able to see good data.

    You may even see good data but if the timestamp is not current it means that internet connectivity has been lost and the Push can no longer communicate with the Push servers. Check to make sure that Push gateway is still powered and connected to your internet router.
  2. If the timestamp of the top read is current (within the last 5 minutes), and updates every minute, but you are only seeing PERR.NR (No response error), then your Push is able to connect with the Push database but it is not properly connected to your meter. Check the RS-485 connection to your meters and make sure that all wires are in the proper ports with solid connections.

    If your Push account has multiple Push gateways and multiple meters, it is important that each meter is connected to the correct gateway. If there are not then the meter will not read and you will get PERR.NR errors. Meter numbers are written on the bottom of each Push gateway so you know when meter(s) to connect to each gateway.

  3. If the timestamp is current and you are seeing columns of data then your meter is actively being read over RS-485 by the Push system. If this is the case but you are having a problem getting the data in the EKM Dash, Encompass.io, or the EKM Widget, then the issue is with your setup of those software options. We recommend that you check out the tutorials that we have for them in our online Knowledge Base, found here: https://help.ekmmetering.com/support/solutions/6000129304