All EKM Push users can access the new Account Portal. Starting in February 2020 we began inviting EKM Push users to register their EKM Push Account Portal. If you have an EKM Push account and have not yet registered, we encourage you do to so here:

Once you have registered you will be able to see the status of all of your meters and EKM Push gateways in your account portal.

The account UI will look something like this, depending on the number of meters and Push gateways you have:

You can see the status of all of your meters here. The information provided includes the latest Total kWh reading, the last time the meter was successfully read, the meter model, the Push gateway that it is assigned to, the timezone that the meter is in (This is currently set by us when we set up your Push in your account. We guess based on the delivery address for your order.), and the meter key. (Meter keys limit data access to just individual meters and do not provide administrative access to the meter or your Push account.)

There is also information about your Push gateways on this page. The information includes each gateway's MAC address, the last successful meter read, and the last attempted meter read.

If you click on a meter in the left column you will be able to see a bit more information about that specific meter:

You can see the last 10 real time reads and their data (scroll right to see more data). If the meter is being read by a Push2 gateway you will only have viewable data. If the meter is being read by a Push3 gateway there will be additional tab for meter Settings and Settings Log. In the case of v.4 and v.5 Omnimeters, there will also be tabs for Relays (each v.4/5 Omnimeter has two controllable relays) and Display (the meter's settable LCD screen data registers).

Please note that settings and control capability is only available after you have registered your Push Account Portal.

Towards the top of the left column you will find the option for API Query, which will allow you to specify the data that you want to view for each meter. Our software does this for you so you can try our software options first but our API allow you to be very specific with the data queries.

There are tabs for both the Real-Time API and our Summary API. We've documented both APIs here:

The API Builder crafts a URL for you that you can then click to execute the API call. The screenshot below shows the data that was retuned by entering the settings in the screenshot above.

Here is that API call:*&timezone=America~Los_Angeles&meters=000000017507&start_date=202003031200&end_date=202003051200&report=range&bulk=1

There is also a "This builder URL" link at the top of the API Builder settings. When clicked this link will adjust the URL of the API Builder page you're on. This allows you to bookmark the page, or save the URL, so that you can return to the API Builder later and have the setting be the same as you set them before. This is helpful if you just want to make a couple changes to the date range, for example.