From within your account portal you can request your meter data directly from the database using our Open APIs. We have provided both a Real-Time and a Summary API Builder to help you craft the API call that suit your needs best.

Real-Time API documentation:
Summary API Documentation:

At the top of the left column in your account portal you will with the 'API Query' link to the API Builder. Two tabs let you select the Real-Time API Builder (up to 1000 real time reads), or the Summary API Builder for a long term historical dataset.

All of the available options in the API Builder allow you to select the meter you want to request data for, change the data format, define the limit of data records that you want returned, set the timezone that you want the data adjusted to, request specific data fields, and more. It really takes a bit off experimentation, and reading of the API documentation, to learn what is possible and how to best craft your API calls for your needs.

When you are ready to make the API call, simply click the API URL and the data will be displayed in a new tab in your browser or, if you have selected the CSV format, a CSV file will be downloaded.

The API Builder also lets you save the settings you have made in the API Builder, so that you can use the link in the future to return to the API Builder with the same settings. To save the link, click the 'This Builder URL' link above the meters listbox. That will change the URL in your browser. You can then bookmark the page or copy/paste the URL in another location for future use.

You can see an example of this type of link below, which will take you to an API Builder with the see in you see in the image below: