Encompass now completely separates dashboard settings from report and billing settings. The dashboard settings only affect what is displayed on the dashboard and widgets.

Dashboard settings are only available at the individual meter level and are not available at the meter group level. To affect the dashboard setting for groups you must use the dashboard settings of the meters within the group.

To open the Dashboard Settings, click the gear icon at the top right of the meter dashboard (in the colored header) and select that option from the available options in the drop down list.

Display Cycle:
This is the period of time that is presented on the dashboard on the Info Widget. The data presented there will represent the kWh recorded for electric meters, or water or gas for pulse output meters.

Monthly Starting and Ending Dates:

For the monthly display cycle you can also choose the starting and ending day of the month. So for example if you select 7th - 6th, the dashboard will display data that is recorded after the 7th of one month (the current month if the date is after the 7th) to the 6th of the next month. This option exists because some utilities bill for periods like the above example.

Total Charges / ...: The next two text boxes are optional and allow you to calculate the cost/unit if you don't already know it. If you already know the cost/unit then you can enter it directly into the bottom text box. If not, you can use your last utility bill to calculate the cost/unit by entering the amount you were charged into the Total Charges text box, and the amount you used (energy or water or gas) into the units text box.

Cost Per...: If you know the cost/unit (cost per kWh, cost per unit of water, cost per unit of gas) then you can enter it into the cost text box and ignore the m