Scheduled reports and bills will continue to generate and send as long as there is a minimum amount of user activity in your Encompass account. We've set the minimum amount of activity to at least one account login/visit every 180 days. On the 16th of every month, Encompass checks for users that haven't logged in for at least 180 days. Encompass sends an email to users that haven't logged in for 180 days or more, requesting that they log in if they wish to continue to receive scheduled reports and/or bills. If they log in again, they will be flagged as active. If not, on the 27th of the month all of their reports and bills will be disabled.

At any point after your reports and/or bills have been disabled, you can log in to your account and reschedule them to generate/send automatically again.

We set this minimum activity threshold because we do not want to continue to use resources to generate/send reports and bills if users no longer need or want them. Since Encompass does not require a subscription, this is the only mechanism we have for pruning zombie reports and bills.