The Push3 system will automatically notify you via email (sent to the email address that was used to register the Push account) when the Push3 is in a few different failure states:

  1. Failure: File Store (i.e. sdcard)
  2. Failure: Gateway Offline
  3. Failure: Read Services.

The failure emails are sent after the failure has been ongoing for 24 hours.

Below are descriptions of each failure state and how to fix them.

Failure: File Store (i.e. sdcard)

Sometimes, the SD card may become loose during shipping, causing it to not be recognized by the Push3 upon initial connection. This issue is commonly resolved by first removing the SD card, cleaning it, blowing out the SD card slot, and then reinserting it. The Push3 can remain powered on while the SD card is removed and/or reinserted. Upon reinsertion, the Status LED (the LED towards the edge of the case) will display a double green flash while mounting the SD Card. Once mounted, the Status LED should turn solid green, accompanied by a blinking Internet LED (middle LED) and a blinking green innermost LED (green indicates good reads; red indicates failed reads).

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, try reformatting the SD card to FAT32, then reinsert it. If this still doesn't work, the SD card likely needs to be replaced. Ensure that the replacement SD card is 16GB or larger and formatted as FAT32.

Note: If you only have the option to format the card as exFAT, the gateway will detect this upon insertion. It will then erase all data and reformat the card as FAT32. PLEASE DO NOT insert an exFAT SD card into the Push3 if it contains data that you do not want to lose. The contents will be erased when the SD card is reformatted. If the SD card contains meter data then it is already properly formatted and it will not be erased.

Failure: Gateway Offline

This means that the Push3 is no longer connected to the internet for some reason. It could mean that the Push3 is no longer powered, it is in a bad state and needs to be power cycled, it has been disconnected from its ethernet connection, the WiFi signal has been lost for some reason, etc. So in this case you will need to track down why the Push3 is not able to connect to the internet. If you recently made a change to the internet service, or LAN network, that change could be the cause of this failure.

Failure: Read Services

This means that the Push3 is no long able to read one or more of its assigned meters. Meaning, it was previously able to read the meter(s) but is not not able to. In this case you will need to check to make sure that the meter(s) are still powered and that their RS-485 wire connections to the Push3 are still good. If you are using 485Bees to wirelessly connect the Omnimeter(s) to the Push3, make sure that the 485Bees are still powered and have good RS-485 wire connections to their devices.