The meters themselves do not do much data logging. If you want to log usage data then we will recommend running our Dash software on your computer as the software logs the data for you that way.

If you are using the EKM Push to get the data to the internet it will store once a minute. You can access the last 1,000 reads in the Dash if you set it to read as fast as the EKM Push has been set to read.

We also have a new (beta) way to get past data, if the Push has been actively running. Our Summary system stores summarized push data in a way that can be stored and accessed long term. The Comparison Chart in the Dash software uses this system to display historical data 

You can also try our API Builder tool to se how to call data from from this system using the Summary API:

You can also log data on your own computer by simply keeping the Dash software running. As long as Dash is reading you meter(s), it is storing each reading in a database on your hard drive.

The meters themselves keep running, cumulative kWh readings as well. v.4 Meters also keep a running total of pulse counts. Real time data such as Watts, Volts, Amps, and Power Factor are not stored in the meters.

The meter also keeps the last 6 end-of-month total kWh reads from the last 6 months, so you could see what the total kWh read was at the end of the last 6 months if you poll that info from the Dash software, if you are connected directly to the meter (not via the Push, but via the iSerial or USB converter). Get to this in the Dash software via Meters>Edit Meter>Data.

Alternatively, you may be able to source a data logger that can read and timestamp the basic pulse output from the meter (it pulses 800 times per kWh).

How to get the last six, end-of-month Total kWh reads:

With a connection from the meter to your computer via the EKM Blink USB converter: Go to the Dash software and select you meter. Click on Meters>Edit Meter>Data and here see your last 6 end-of-month kWh reads.