The gateway will store the last 72 hours of data by default. This can be increased upon request. Data is stored in json format.

There are two methods for retrieving data from the Push3 gateway. The first is to remove the SD card or USB drive so that you can read them with a computer, the second is to connect to the Push3 gateway on your local network (LAN).

The removal method simply requires that you remove the SD card or USB drive and connect it to your computer. This can be done while the Push3 gateway remains powered and reading your meter(s). Once you find the drive on your computer you will see that the data is stored as a series of json files. This can be opened in a text editor to view the data and/or export into a different format, like csv which is open-able in a spreadsheet.

To retrieve the data by connecting the Push3 gateway on your local network: 

  1. You can find your Push gateway's IP address in your account portal by selecting it from the column on the left.
  2. If you are on the same network you should be able to click the IP address to go to the login page for the gateway. 
  3. The user is admin and there is no password required by default. Click Login.
  4. Select the meter that you would like to retrieve data for, from the left column.
  5. Click on the Stored Data tab.
  6. Select the day that you would like to view and then click on the 15 minute period that you would like to view.

The data will display as json, which can be saved to your computer, from your browser, by doing a "Save page as". This is in the File menu on a Mac and can be done by first right clicking  the page on a Windows computer and then selecting the Save as option.