The EKM Dash software supports different Time Of Use periods that you can set in accordance with your electricity utility provider's time of use rates.  

The meter can keep track of four separate TOU tariffs (T1,T2,T3,T4) to calculate the energy used at different periods of time.  For example if your power is more expensive from 1PM to 7PM and it is cheaper from 7PM to 11PM, the meter can keep track of these different periods of time.  It can be set for up to 4 time periods per day and it can specify the tariff for that period (from T1 to T4).  The meter date and time can be set by RS-485 communication.  This can be done in the EKM Dash software.


Note:  To do this you will need to connect the meter to your computer using one of our EKM Blink USB converters or the iSerial converter and then access the meter via the EKM Dash software.


To access this in the Dash software:

  1. Open the EKM Dash
  2. Select your meter
  3. Click the Meters icon
  4. Click "Edit Meter"
  5. Click the Rates icon
  6. Enter your tariffs and corresponding times here. These should be provided by your utility company. Often times these appear on each utility bill.

See these discussions on the EKM forum for more info: