To do this you will need to connect the meter to your computer using one of our EKM Blink USB Converters or our iSerial converter (not the EKM Push) and then access the meter via the EKM Dash software:

  1. Open the Dash software
  2. Select your v.4 or v.5 Omnimeter
  3. Click on the Meters icon
  4. Click "Edit Meter"
  5. Click "Advanced"
  6. Click the "LCD Values" tab at the top of the window
  7. Here you can specify what items to show.  Check the boxes next to all of the values that you want your meter to display on it's LCD display.
  8. Click "set" when you are ready.
  9. If prompted for a password, the default is "0" (zero, without the quotes – If you change the password we cannot retrieve it for you if you forget it.)

This part of our Omnimeter installation video shows how to set up the LCD screen using the EKM Dash: