You can use the EKM Dash Database Manager to access your EKM Dash database files.  You can then create new database files, or export them to be used on a different computer, choose how often they are backed up, choose how much data you want to store, etc.

If you're experiencing chronic issues with the EKM Dash, it's possible that your database has become corrupted. In order to test if this is the case, you can reset the database on your computer to start a new one. Resetting the database will automatically create a backup of your existing database.

Open the Database Manager:

  1. Close the Dash software
  2. Reopen it by double-clicking on the Dash icon, while simultaneously holding down the Shift key.
  3. This should pop up a window that will give you the opportunity to reset the database file and so clear up any corrupted file there.  It should give you a backup with your existing meter data as well.

Current Database:

  1. The default tab allows you to manage your current database. This tab allows you to create a new database, import or export, rebuild, verify, delete, or select the database you want Dash to use.
  2. If you unsure how to proceed you can always click the Quit button and open Dash normally.

Backup Settings:

  1. If you click the "Backup Settings" tab at the top of the window you will be provided with options for backing up your database.
  2. First select if and when you want automatic backups to happen.
  3. Next select if you want to retain only backups or if you want old backups to be overwritten by the latest backup.
  4. You can also chose where you want the backups to be stored.
  5. Finally, you can choose to have your database pruned after every backup in order to keep your database from growing too large.

Please use the ( i ) buttons to learn more about the elements of the Backup Manager windows.

If you're experiencing issues with Dash and the above options don't seem to have helped, you may want to try deleting all of the existing Dash files (you can save a copy of your database) and then download the Dash again and do a new install. 


To remove all Dash files: 
Delete/discard in the trash/recycle bin the software files you have downloaded.  There is also a less-than-obvious file that you will want to remove as well.  


Go here and remove these files as well (however for now I do recommend actually just moving this file to your desktop until we know it is all good to go):

  • Windows Vista, 7+:  C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\EKM Dash 
  • Windows XP:   C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\EKM Dash 
  • Mac OS X:  User/Library/Application Support/EKM Dash/EKM Metering Database.db 

You can simply hold down the Control key on your keyboard, while opening EKM Dash, and you will automatically go to where your database and other files are located.

Next, download the software again from here: (Note that there is a link to setup instructions toward the bottom of this page.)