If you're interested in seeing how the Omnimeters communicate you can use the Hex Inspector in EKM Dash to see the raw RS-485 data from the meters. You can also use it see the raw Push data (in json format) for meters being read with the Push system.

The Hex is a simple request/response string that returns most of the data that is stored inside of the meters. If you use the Hex Inspector and serial sniffer software it will simplify the job of seeing the request and response. If you have a PC, the software "RealTerm" is good software to use for sniffing the RS-485. The last 2 bytes are a CRC-16 checksum.

30 represents a 0, 31 represents a 1, 32 represents a 2, etc.

Here is more information about the RS-485 protocols (including code examples) for both v3 and v4 Omnimeters: 


How to use the EKM Dash Hex Inspector:

  1. Open the EKM Dash and start to read your meters with either a USB Converter, an iSerial (discontinued), or the EKM Push system.  Make sure good meter data is coming in.
  2. Go to the Help menu and click on Hex Inspector
  3. Click on the meter you want to read from the Meters list.
  4. As the meter is read and responds, the data window will fill in with either Hex (if you are connected to USB or iSerial) or with json data from the Push system.
  5. You can use this to see how the EKM Dash reads and parses data, or makes settings in the meter.

The EKM Push Open APIs are documented here:

Here is a link to download the string parsing for our EKM Omnimeter v.3: 


Here is a link to download the string parsing for our EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4: