The Push3 gateway has its own onboard web server which can be accessed over your LAN network. Connecting in the way allows you to set up the Push3 gateway's connection to your WiFi network, retrieve data store locally on the Push gateway, and more.

To access your Push3 gateway on you LAN:

  1. Find your Push gateway's IP address in your Account Portal by selecting the Push gateway in the left column.
  2. The default User is admin and the default password is the Gateway Key, which can be found in your online EKM Push Account Portal. More on where to find the Gateway Key can be found here. Before Push3 firmware v1.684 there was no password required.
  3. Click the Login button.
  4. The gateway UI provides navigation via links in the left column.


This shows the settings on the Push3 gateway and which meters are associated to this gateway

System Log

Shows what is happening behind the scenes.


This is where you can enter your gateway key if it were to change for any reason.


Your local IP address settings (for an ethernet connected Push3), this is where you can choose to have your gateway get its IP address via DHCP or if you want to use a static IP address instead.


Your Push3 can communicate over WiFi, this is where you can enter the name of the wifi network you want to connect to and its password.


You can set the Pus3 to store meter data locally to either the onboard storage or an SD card. You can choose to have it store every single read, or only store only store the data on the send interval (once per minute by default). This is also where you can setup SFTP to securely send your data to your own cloud account or to your Amazon account.


You can manually reboot your Push3 gateway from here.

Change Password

You can change the password for the gateway UI here. There is no password by default.

Real Time Data

You can view the real-time data that is on your gateway here. You can see all of the metered parameters in either chart or table form, you can click the symbol if you want to see a live view of the data as it becomes available.

Stored Data

The Push3 stores stores as much data as possible based on the size of the SD card inserted into (we ship Push3 gateways with at least 16GB data SD cards). You can access this json data via either the gateway UI or by using the local API to the data. 

Here is the basic structure of a call to the local API data: