This is an app that is primarily intended for installers to be able to quickly see whether the Push gateways are online, whether the Push gateways are successfully reading their assigned meters, and whether the meters are installed correctly.

The app is is intended to work best in the mobile browsers so that installers are able to use it while at the job site from their cell phones. The app is opened by going to and entering an EKM Push account key or gateway key (more on Push keys can be found here). 

You can also include the key in the URL, like this example: (in this case you will then need to select the meter serial number from the drop down menu once the app loads)

And if you know the meter serial number you can include that in the URL as well:

Is the meters assigned gateway online?

The top of the app shows if the meter's Push gateway is online. If it is online it will say so and the dot will be green.

Is the Push gateway reading the meter and sending data?

The next section of the app includes information about meter reads and sends. The Push3 gateways read their assigned meters as fast as possible, which can be as fast as once per second. Then once/minute (the default rate) the Push3 sends the latest read to the cloud. The app will tell you when the last good send occurred and what the Push3's read success rate is for the meter.

Is the meter installed correctly?

The bottom sections of the app show on which lines the Omnimeter is reading voltage and amperage. The v.4 Omnimeters will also show the direction of current and pulse counts on up the three inputs.

To refresh the app you can refresh the browser or click the refresh button in the center of the header. That will pull in the latest data for the meter and Push gateway.

Click the "i" buttons next to each section to learn more or make adjustments.