We now have a few ways to remotely control the outputs of the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 or the Omnimeter HV v.5 

For cloud based control you can connect your Omnimeter v.4 or v.5 to an EKM Push3 gateway. You can then either control the relays via the Account Portal, via the open API, or via Triggers

For local control you can use the EKM Dash software and a USB to RS485 Converter.  Here is more information about How to Change Meter Settings.

The EKM Dash will allow you to turn either of the 2 relay controls (50mA 12VDC)  ON or OFF, it will also let you turn them ON or OFF from 1 to 9999 seconds.  You can do this via the USB converter or over the internet via the EKM iSerial.  

You can also read the EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4 and Omnimeter HV v.5 to get the real-time status of each relay control.

At this point we have the EKM Switch120 to control 120 volt loads: EKM-Switch120
The EKM-Omnimeter Pulse v.4 could be used to control any size of load or valve, etc (through external mechanical relays or solid state relays).